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In our daily lives or in the activities of trading, exchanging and exchanging goods, we often encounter risks, accidents, incidents that occur unexpectedly and randomly, which even ourselves cannot measure. before. These accidents, disasters or incidents that occur unexpectedly and randomly are collectively known as risks. Therefore, people will apply simple measures to prevent and limit such risks such as avoiding risks, preventing and limiting risks, overcoming risks by themselves or transferring risks. ro for someone else. The most simple and optimal way to minimize risks is to transfer risk to another company (risk transfer) or “insurance”.

You know, any job or job can be exposed to risks that we can not foresee. Therefore, insurance has become an increasingly necessary and important tool to reassure and strengthen the human spirit in business activities. Especially, with Logistics industry, this is considered as one of the leading keys to promote the development of Logistics industry, in parallel with transport services and freight forwarding.

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